President's Message

President's Message

2019 Membership Dues, Information, and Recruitment Efforts

Dear fellow Aero Club Member,

It is time to renew your membership for 2019 in your Aero Club of Buffalo. Thank you for your continued support and your efforts promoting aviation awareness in Western New York. Please send in your dues at your earliest opportunity. Consider providing a 2019 special donation and designate it either for the scholarship fund or general funds. If you don't already have a name tag, consider purchasing one to wear at meetings.

Our collaboration with the Niagara Frontier Section of AIAA brought us terrific speakers in 2018 including: Chuck DeBellevue, highest scoring fighter ace from Vietnam, Dan Dumbacher, current AIAA Executive, Director and former NASA Engineering Directorate, and Bob Zimmerman, expert on Apollo 8. Major Walter Gordon has graciously offered to continue our partnership with AIAA in the future, allowing us to bring some excellent speakers to our meetings.

Programs already scheduled for 2019 include:

  • January - Jeff Brooks will give us a presentation on building his own WW1 Fighter Plane, a Fokker D.VII he built from scratch.
  • February - Tom Crouch - Senior Curator, Aeronautics Department, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
  • March - Alice Bowman - Space MOM returns, talking about Ultima Thule.
  • April - Walter Gordon - Apollo Missions - The Road to the Moon went through WNY.
  • May - Niagara Frontier Aviation & Space Hall of Fame induction ceremony and dinner, and award of the Aero Club Scholarships.
In addition to AIAA, we will continue our cooperation with the Niagara Aerospace Museum. If you've not visited their collection, you're really missing out.

We will be working with our partners to increase the visibility of the Aero Club of Buffalo in our community, and abroad. The best compliment any organization can receive is an introduction of a new member. Please consider being an ambassador for our club. If you know of an aviation enthusiast that is not already a member, or who might return to membership if they are asked, please invite them to a meeting.

When you participate in the Aero Club of Buffalo, you are continuing the traditions of the oldest Aero Club in the United States and the second oldest in the world. We are dedicated preserving our rich aviation heritage that makes Western New York so unique.

Larry Cobado                         

88th President, Aero Club of Buffalo

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